The old linear model is bust. We need a real circular economy. Now.”

Lucy Siegle

About us

The Real Circularity Coalition is an international campaign with a single goal – a real circular economy.

Founded in 2020, we are a global network of NGOs, campaigners, academics, politicians and business leaders going all out to create a better future.

The Challenge
  • Linear

    Extraction, production, consumption, disposal

  • Semi-circular

    Downcycling to lower value material

  • Circular

    Material to material & product to product loop

Lucy Siegle
Founder and Chair

Lucy Siegle founded the Real Circularity Coalition in January 2020.

A passionate campaigner for a more sustainable way of life, Lucy is a journalist, author and broadcaster. She writes a weekly ethical living column for The Observer and is author of Green Living in the Urban Jungle and co-author of A Good Life.

In 2018 she published a book exploring a greener approach to materials – Turning the Tide on Plastic: How Humanity (And You) Can Make Our Globe Clean Again. A confident media performer, Lucy is a regular television commentator on environmental issues, and has been seen in guest slots on BBC Breakfast, Newsnight and Live Earth, as well as being a regular contributor to The One Show.

Lucy believes passionately that only a real circular economy will solve the nature crisis humanity faces in the 2020s and beyond.


Our on-the-go lifestyles have meant we rely on single-use solutions that exacerbate the global pollution crisis. Products are designed with no thought for their end of life, obsolescence is often built in.

Real Circularity

The Real Circularity Coalition is campaigning to accelerate the globe’s transition from linear and semi-circular systems to a real circular economy.


The Real Circularity Coalition has a set of five core beliefs that work towards society’s shift to a real circular economy.