27 leading campaigners and politicians join the Real Circularity Coalition in calling for a real circular economy

On Monday 20 January 2020, the Real Circularity Coalition led calls for world leaders to go all out for a real circular economy in a letter signed by 27 of the UK and Ireland’s top campaigners and politicians. The letter published in the Telegraph read:


UNLESS urgent action is taken the world is set to generate some 3.4 billion tonnes of waste in 2050 – 70 percent more than today.

Global recycling rates remain stubbornly low. Humankind sends 744 million tonnes of waste to landfill each year. Less than 15 percent of global waste is recycled while just 5.5 percent is composted. Vast mountains of rubbish have become a permanent fixture in the West and developing world alike.

Across the world silo thinking has hampered the global response to the challenge of dealing with the waste we produce. Government ministers rarely work with campaigners calling for radical change. Business leaders and activists almost never sit down together to find common solutions to our most profound environmental challenges.

For the sake of this and future generations to come, we can’t go on like this. Now more than ever before we need a radical re-think on products and waste.

This year has been dubbed the super year for nature. But the world’s efforts to halt the environmental crisis will come to nothing if we continue to live as if we can generate infinite waste on a planet with finite resources. As world leaders gather in Davos this week we call on them to put the creation of a real circular economy at the heart of discussions.