About Us

About Us

The Real Circularity Coalition is an international campaign with a single goal – a real circular economy.

Founded in 2020, we are a global network of NGOs, campaigners, academics, politicians and business leaders going all out to create a better future.

  • Linear

    Extraction, production, consumption, disposal

  • Semi-circular

    Downcyling to lower value material

  • Circular

    Material to material & product to product loop

Lucy Siegle
Founder and Chair

Lucy Siegle founded the Real Circularity Coalition in January 2020.

A passionate campaigner for a more sustainable way of life, Lucy is a journalist, author and broadcaster. She writes a weekly ethical living column for The Observer and is author of Green Living in the Urban Jungle and co-author of A Good Life.

In 2018 she published a book exploring a greener approach to materials – Turning the Tide on Plastic: How Humanity (And You) Can Make Our Globe Clean Again. A confident media performer, Lucy is a regular television commentator on environmental issues, and has been seen in guest slots on BBC Breakfast, Newsnight and Live Earth, as well as being a regular contributor to The One Show.

Lucy believes passionately that only a real circular economy will solve the nature crisis humanity faces in the 2020s and beyond.